Moss Art Boards can Improve Focus & Productivity

Moss boards turn a bland interior into something stunning. The visuals are second-to-none, combining the timelessness of nature with cutting edge technology and design. But did you know that moss boards also have some incredible scientific benefits?



In this post, we’ll take a closer look at some of these impressive benefits, and you’ll come to see that moss boards are way more than just an attractive artistic feature for your home or office.


1. Improved Air Quality 

The World Health Organization reported that over four million deaths were attributed to air pollution exposure during 2012. These deaths resulted from strokes, lung cancer, and certain types of heart disease. While many of these deaths occurred in areas with much more pollution than we have in Australia, we’re certainly not free from air pollutants that negatively affect our health.

Moss is particularly good at combating air pollution. The pollutants in the rain and the air cling to the surface of the moss, and while the pollutants are stuck there, bacteria convert them into the plant’s biomass. As you can see, having a moss wall nearby can do a world of good for your lungs.


2. Increased Productivity

Researchers at Texas A&M University in the United States examined correlations between plants and productivity in the workplace. They created three different workspaces: one with flowers and plants, one with a sculpture, and one area with no decorative embellishments.

After having research participants work in all three environments, they found that both men and women demonstrated more innovative thinking and solved more problems while they worked in the space that included flowers and plants.


3. Less Stress

Another study performed by Dr. Virginia Lohr of Washington State University measured stress levels in employees at different workstations. She found that participants working in environments with plants were 12 per cent less stressed than participants working at workstations without plants.

Dr. Lohr’s study is not the only study that showed similar results. Time and again, researchers find that the presence of plants in workplaces decreases overall stress among employees.


 4. Noise Reduction

People have long used foliage to reduce noise and create more peaceful environments. Homeowners who live on busy streets plant trees or shrubs to block traffic noises, and people escape to forests when they’re looking for peace and quiet.

The same principles apply with moss boards. Vegetation naturally blocks high-frequency sounds while the supporting structure diminishes low-frequency noises. Some studies have shown that plants can reduce ambient noises in offices by as much as 5 decibels.


5. Sharper Focus

Researchers at the Royal College of Agriculture in Cirencester in England performed an interesting study regarding student attentiveness and plants. They found that students were 70% more attentive when taught in classrooms containing plants. Additionally, attendance was higher for lectures offered in rooms containing plants. How would greater attentiveness benefit you and those around you?

As you can see, the scientific benefits of moss boards are profound and quite interesting. From psychological benefits like less stress and improved productivity to financial benefits like lower heating and cooling costs, moss boards have a lot to offer. The environmental benefits of moss boards are impressive as well. They can improve air quality and help to stabilise humidity in your interior.

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