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Shangzen - Zodiac Incense Sticks


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World's first range of incense sticks scented for your zodiac sign!

Each order contains 4 boxes with each box having 50 sticks. Total 200 sticks are delivered.

Incense is a centuries-old aromatic apparatus that is even popular today. The history of incense can be dates back to the ancient India. The term "incense" refers to the substance rather than the fragrance that it produces. It is widely available in disparate forms. It is contrived from aromatic plant materials combined with essential oils which gives fragrant smoke when burned. So, it is used for various astrological purposes like religious ceremonies, ritual purification,aromatherapy, meditation and to abolish the bad odors etc. Along with these practices, incense is also used for clearing the evil spirits and negative energies. 

Now comes to the major astrological usage of incense. Incense is used by those who wants to bring the powers while invoking spiritual aids for an example by Tarot Readers, Astrologers, and Healers etc. The zodiac incense or astrological incense of all the zodiac signs helps to bring out the most positive side of the person. Some of the astrological incenses according to the sun signs are: 

Shangzen - World's first Zodiac curated Incense Sticks

These zodiac incense or astrological incense are used by the people in various forms as per there sun signs. The different forms of incenses have been introduced due to the change in technology and aggrandizing diversity in the reasons for burning it. Incense burning is of two types. One is direct burning and the other one is indirect burning. Direct burning incense includes incense sticks, cones, and pyramids which are lit directly by a flame and then blown out. Indirect burning incense requires a separate heat source such as incense burners. Most common incense and oil fragrances and there uses are:

  • Amber - It stimulates the body self-healing capabilities.
  • Eucalyptus - Used for purification and spirituality.
  • Jasmine - Good for dreams and visions.
  • Lavender - Calming, stimulates good health
  • Lemon - Gives strength
  • Mint - For clarity
  • Orange – Happiness and positive environment.
  • Pine - Against negativity.
  • Rose - For harmony and love.
  • Sandalwood - Used for healing, spirituality.



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