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OrgaStack™ - Foldable Eyeglasses Organizer



OrgaStack™ - a cute and compact way to store and travel with your glasses. 

Are you constantly misplacing your glasses and sunglasses?

Having to have 4-5 cases that are taking up valuable space and making you feel cluttered?

We felt the same way! So we created the OrgaStack™. You won’t want to go traveling without our multiple glasses case again! All packed in separate compartments in 1 roll-up case, soft suede interior to keep them safe from scratching, and hard vegan leather exterior to keep them safe from breaking.

Keep your prescription glasses and sunglasses, eyeglasses, watches, jewelry organized perfectly. Display your collection whether at home or on the go.

Designed to keep glasses and small accessories protected at home and on the go, our durable sunglass organizer features a suede flocking liner that won’t cause scratches on your lenses. This will also protect your eyewear from dust and damage, and the large compartments can hold normal and oversized glasses. It is the Multi sunglasses case organizer you didn't even know you needed.

With a modern, multipurpose design that can hold prescription glasses, blue-blockers, and designer shades in one convenient location, OrgaStack™ is perfect for the whole family! It is a great sunglass storage organizer for men and women, and it’s amazing as a sunglasses travel case so that your kids are ready on vacation.

Five pairs L black
(17 x11. 7 x11.7 CM)
Five pairs L in brown
(17 x11. 7 x11. 7 cm)
Material: leather-coated (PU)

Package Content:
1 Pc x OrgaStack™


Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Sq Gg

have wanted a sunglasses case for so long but just never bought one. I finally decided to buy this one for a vacation we are going on. I absolutely love it!!! Fits my oversized Quay aviators, my diff aviators, my Spy's etc... I'm so very pleased. Do not hesitate if you're looking for a sunglass or eye glass case, buy this! I promise you will love it too.

Dawn Chawfinn

I ordered this organizer to hang on my wall and hold my sunglasses! I was debating between this and those clear drawers but I am SO glad I chose the orgastack organizer. It is stylish and I can also roll it up and take it with me when I travel. Huge fan!!

Namiko Minakata

This orgastack is even better quality than expected. It's really sturdy and solid. Great craftsmanship. It's super cool looking. Definitely looks more expensive than what you pay. The material where the glasses are held is extremely soft like suede, so this should prevent scratches and protect them while transporting. I really like that it has a way of keeping the glasses in place. I noticed other similar items don't have this feature, which is why I chose this above the others.

Not only is their product great but they have amazing customer service. Contacted them about a minor issue and I had a replacement at my door 3 days later. Their support team was quick to get back to me and super helpful and professional.

Will gladly recommend this product and seller to my sunglass/glasses loving friends.

Amy Stine

I’m a sunglasses and prescription glasses junkie. I’ve been looking for a way to keep them all organized and stumbled on this item. It will hold 5 pairs and each is held in place by an elastic band and Velcro. The case is hard sided and could easily be tossed in a bag. I plan to purchase another for my sunglasses to keep in the car.

Bill Philips

I’m so happy with this purchase! I’ve bought a few others and have never been impressed.

BUT this one is perfect, the quality is high-end at a great price! It fits all my glasses no matter the size, and I’m loving I can store my kids glasses with mine all organized together. I have it hanging next to the door so everyone can see their pair and the whole family loves it, think I might have to buy another one as a gift for my sister soon! I love that even though it's vegan PU leather you wouldn't know it!!! The quality is so good - it looks and feels like real leather. And the elastic straps inside are just what I needed, You will not be disappointed with this one.